The Benefits of Condo Living

If you are looking to buy a house in an urban area like Atlanta, you should consider a condominium living as well. From first time homeowners to empty nesters, condos offer the following:

  • Location
    Condominiums are often located near business districts, shopping, entertainment, and nightlife. They typically offer easy access to major transportation routes that reduce commute time and cost.
  • Security
    With controlled card-reader access and a 24-hour Concierge, condominiums have significantly fewer break-ins than single family homes. Nearby neighbors also make many condominium owners feel more secure in their home.
  • Amenities
    Condominiums often include luxuries like swimming pools, state-of-the-art fitness centers, wi-fi access, secure parking, and staffed reception areas. In addition, many buildings offer a club room that can also be reserved for community or private events.
  • Maintenance
    Living in a condo usually means that somebody else is responsible for maintenance like landscaping, roofing and general upkeep. Spend less time and money on household chores so you can take full advantage of the local shopping, entertainment, and nightlife.
  • Affordablity
    Condominiums have a wide price range with many budget-friendly options for first-time buyers and single income families.
  • Community
    A condominium offers a simple “lock-up-and-go” lifestyle that provides peace of mind when you travel for work or pleasure. In addition, residents who enjoy similar interests can easily become a tight knit group of friends.

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  1. Stephen McDaniel says:

    Seeking a two bedroom unit near MARTA in downtown or midtown Atlanta.

  2. Great article Jennifer. There are a number of people making the move to condo rather than a house.

  3. Kate Hansen says:

    I’m about to move to a new place for my job and was looking at buying a condo. It sounds like a condo would benefit me because I want something close to my job, but I still need something affordable. It would also be nice to have different amenities like a pool or fitness center! I imagine it would also be a nice community and you would get to know your neighbors well which would help me make new friends.

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