Merissa Cope

Jack of All Trades

Merissa loves helping people. In her personal life, this means she volunteers her time at different local nonprofits and spends time advising her friends. In her professional life, this means she goes the extra mile to make sure the agents have what they need to make the client experience as good as possible. In a given week, this can mean working on closing gifts, picking up yard signs from the printer, or running to the storage unit to get props to help stage a house.

Just like Nest Realty Atlanta, Merissa cares about more than just the transaction or the immediate moment. She cares about theĀ people behind the transactions: the homes they will create out of the houses we help them purchase, their story beyond the now. She imparts this level of care into each of the tasks she undertakes behind the scenes.

A Maryland native, Merissa moved to Atlanta for school and fell in love. When she’s not in the office, you can find her playing with her rescue pup, Molly, rock climbing at a local gym, serving at Better Half, a fine dining restaurant in West Midtown, or hanging out in Decatur, where she lives.


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