Lucy Gimbel

Thanking Our Lucky Stars

When people credit the alignment of the stars for their lucky situation, they don’t realize that it’s actually Lucy Gimbel behind the scenes making the magic happen.

“Control Enthusiast” could just as easily be her title as Client Concierge where she painstakingly dots i’s and crosses t’s to wrap the details of a contract neatly tied up with a bow at the closing table for clients.

The flow of a real estate deal comes as second nature to Lucy after more than 20 years of experience in the industry – she knows when to expect the unexpected hiccups and speed bumps and how to successfully guide clients and vendors past them.

Lucy’s laser vision hones in on details most others gloss over both in and out of the office — whether it’s missed signatures in a contract addendum, conflicting information in a listing, a crooked angle in scrap-booking, or a misstep in crochet, she can’t rest until it’s fixed saying “even if no one else sees it, I know it’s there.”

The Nest Realty Atlanta team and clients truly thank their lucky stars to have Lucy at work for them.

Direct Contact Information:

Phone: 757-816-6889

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