The heart of our story is in the tender affection all of us feel for all things Intown, the old and crumbling as well as the new and the shiny.

To us, Intown is the very soul of Atlanta, that well-weathered old facade in need of a facelift, a drop of paint here or a splash of graffiti there. Every block and street here beckons with its unique tale of triumph and, at times, tribulations, all of it combining into a tapestry that is as rich in history as it is in whimsy. It’s home to risk-takers, entrepreneurs, artists, craftsmen, business owners. We are the latter, one of many, who deliberately, painstakingly made it our home, our Nest.

In short, our story is about revitalization and creating highly desirable destination neighborhoods. Atlanta’s urban core was a victim of white flight after WWII (Brown vs. Board of Education), and the inner neighborhoods sank into disrepair. The neighborhoods became undesirable, and some became dangerous. Property value sank. The last two decades have seen the beginning of revitalization, started in many ways by the Olympics in 1996. Nest Realty Atlanta has taken an active part in bringing these neighborhoods back.

In 2013, we purchased and renovated one of the more historic buildings which now serves as our office as well as a hub for local photographers and artists. This is the first step, the beginning, a small contribution to our Nest here in Atlanta. We know we can’t stem the tides of time or erase all the black marks of history. We just hope we can help leave Intown a bit better for having being here, for having lived and worked here for so long, for having chosen to make it our life.

In 2018, we partnered with Nest Realty to expand their brand to Atlanta. Like the team we had built, Nest agents put their time, talent, and hearts into building relationships as opposed to simply closing deals. They see every interaction as a chance to inspire, engage, empower, and delight. This transition marked a step toward moving boldly and continuing to put time and effort into client-centered business practices to find every Atlanta resident their perfect Nest.

Even after just a few years, we are optimistic. The inner neighborhoods now feature a live-work-play lifestyle. There are great local stores, restaurants, and neighborhood communities that are forming. People hang out on the front porch, and potlucks happen spontaneously between neighbors. People bicycle or walk everywhere, and use their cars less and less. There is more to be done and we are always on the lookout for people and businesses who want to come here and help make it happen. We’ll help in any way we can. That’s our mission, and our story, in a nutshell. We are in the business of helping people buy and sell real estate, that’s true, but for us, its ultimately about helping build this community, our Intown, our Nest.

Come join us…