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Grant Park, Atlanta’s largest Historic District, is situated in southeast Atlanta. Though the neighborhood was interrupted by the construction of Interstate 20 in the 1960s, today it flourishes again, as it did in the early 1900s.

  • The people who live here are young professionals, first time homeowners, families.
  • Great for Parks and recreation, Tight-knit community, Historic, Tourist attraction, Architecture
  • Area highlights include Zoo, Grant Park, Cyclorama, Historic Oakland Cemetery.

Grant Park is renowned for its gorgeous Victorian homes and abundant parkland, Grant Park is one of Atlanta’s finest neighborhoods and an ideal place for everyone from families to young professionals to retirees alike. Grant Park real estate offers one of the city’s most beautiful housing stocks as well as top-notch amenities and attractions nearby. With their unique blend of affordability and stunning architectural designs, homes for sale in Grant Park are a great option for prospective homebuyers looking for quality and value.

Grant Park real estate is known for its magnificent Victorian homes and bungalows as well as strong property values. Homes for sale in Grant Park offer prestige as well as a prime location in one of Atlanta’s most historic and hippest neighborhoods. For homebuyers in search of historical and beautiful homes, Grant Park is just the place to look.

Average House Price
$ 340,000
Average Condo Price
$ 200,000
Average House Rent
$ 2,500
Average Condo Rent
$ 1,700

Grant Park takes its namesake from Grant Park itself, Atlanta’s oldest public park. Grant Park offers an oasis of peace and serenity in an often chaotic modern city. In addition, the neighborhood also plays host to Zoo Atlanta and the Atlanta Cyclorama, a fascinating cultural attraction that examines the Battle of Atlanta in 1864. Oakland Cemetery, the burial ground of many of Atlanta’s most prominent residents, is also found in Grant Park.

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About Grant Park

The neighborhood offers quiet streets, a reputation for safety and plenty of great shops, restaurants and trendy stores to enjoy. It also hosts great schools and convenient access to Downtown and Midtown Atlanta. For prospective homebuyers seeking the comfort of the suburbs without sacrificing the convenience of living in a major city, Grant Park is the perfect neighborhood. From its elegant Victorian homes to the idyllic beauty of the park itself, Grant Park offers the ideal place to buy a home and raise a family.

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