Leverage our Experience to Your Benefit

Nothing replaces being there and doing that, and the Nest Realty Atlanta team has that in spades.

We live, work, and play here. We have been part of the Intown revitalization movement for decades and can guide you through the process of becoming an Intown Atlanta resident.

Insider’s knowledge comes from experience and that is what we share. We know the best neighborhood locations, the most reliable remodeling contractors, and the secrets to overcoming the challenges of renovating vintage homes.

We work with trusted appraisers who know how important it is to get an accurate valuation. Getting you a great deal, one that will likely grow in value, is our focus.

What this means to you

Our experience translates into one thing for you – success. Your success at finding a place where you feel comfortable, where your friends are delighted to visit, and where you are glad to call home.

We are a team

Buying real estate involves a lot of moving pieces. From finding the perfect home to closing smoothly and on time, you can feel confident that you are in good hands with Nest Realty Atlanta.

Each of our valued clients have access to not only their agent, but also a home inspector and a full time client concierge to handle all the details.

What this means to you

Ask anyone in our office for help and you will get it. That’s the power of a team, and that teamwork is how we help make your journey easy and practically stress free.

Communication is a Process

We believe in great process because we know how nerve-racking real estate transactions can be. We use technology everywhere we can, from signing documents to tracking the overall flow of tasks.

What this means to you

Your calls get returned promptly. Your paperwork gets completed on time. Wherever you go that has an internet connection is close enough for you to check in.

It means peace of mind.

Our Reputation is Our Best Asset

A veritable army of different people, both inside and outside our company, is required to make a real estate transaction work well from start to finish. Our reputation among the broker and agent community is our best asset in making those interactions flow smoothly.

What this means to you

Tough and fair is where we start, to get the best deal we can for the clients we represent. Because of that, other agents know our offers are strong and present them quickly and in the best light. In the fast paced world of high demand real estate, speed is good.

Here is the brief outline of the buying process:

  1. Professional one on one consultation
  2. Recommendations for area lenders and loans
  3. Access to our entire team of agents
  4. Priority scheduling for showings
  5. A dedicated concierge for questions and information about the process
  6. Consultation on home improvements and valuation improvement
  7. Recommended vendors for renovations or home maintenance

If this sounds reasonable, get in touch by calling us at: 404.873.4949 or fill out this short form below and we’ll reach out to you as quickly as we get it.

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