Now Showing: Atlanta in 3D

One of the best things about living in intown is watching how artists capture the city in so many different ways. Intown Expert and The Berthold Building are proud to present Atlanta in 3D, a photography show curated by photographer, community member, and #weloveatl co-founder Aaron Coury.

This show features the city from three different perspectives

  • Looking Down
    Evan Ranft peers down on our evergrowing city from a helicopter so the viewer can take in the size and expansion of Atlanta.
  • Looking Up
    Chris House immerses himself below the tallest of buildings and points his camera skyward. His art gives you a humble feeling of smallness in our great city.
  • From Afar
    Christynne Papincak captures the city skyline showing that our city that has no growth limitations.

#weloveatl inspires and empowers people in the Atlanta area to come together and share their love of the city through photography and other visual art. They strive to connect, support and build Atlanta’s photography community online and off and curate and present the work of that community in non-traditional galleries and installations throughout the city in order to promote love of Atlanta and support local non-profits throughout the city.

Please stop by The Bert, conveniently located at the corner of Monroe and Ponce de Leon, to see the show. Open weekdays from 9 am – 5 pm.


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